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Direct Marketing, Direct Selling, And The Mature Consumer

RRP $256.99

This book reports and interprets the results of a major research study that investigated the shopping behavior of the mature consumer with regard to the principal types of direct response marketing: catalog shopping, direct mail, media ads, telephone solicitation, direct selling, party-plan selling, and in-home demonstrations. Sponsored by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) and the Andrus Foundation, the project represents the most thorough treatment of the older consumer published to date. Marketing managers, direct marketing specialists, and retailers will find here the data they need to make informed decisions and develop appropriate marketing strategies for reaching a growing, and often relatively affluent, segment of the U.S. consumer population. The study was based on an 8-page questionnaire to which more than 2500 subjects nationwide responded and which yielded information on respondents' willingness to purchase from various direct sources, actual purchase behavior, preferences for purchasing from direct sources, likes and dislikes about in-home shopping, and the characteristics that influence purchasing decisions. The authors also compared shopping behaviors and attitudes of older consumers with younger groups and analyzed differences on the basis of demographic and psychological variables. A wide range of practical findings issued from the study, including the fact that many mature consumers associate high pressure sales tactics with in-home shopping and evince a high degree of distrust of direct selling techniques. In the final chapter, the authors present practical recommendations for formulating and maintaining a marketplace offering that is satisfying to the mature shopper. Numerous tables and figures illustrate the statistical conclusions drawn from the study.

Marketing In The Hospitality Industry (ahlei)

RRP $254.99

Hospitality marketing is based on understanding the needs of consumers, knowing the segmentation of the market, and selecting the best marketing tools to reach customers.MARKETING IN THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY provides students with a real-world perspective on the world of hospitality marketing, industry forms, and useful ideas for increasing sales and making marketing more effective. Revisions to the fifth edition include new information on understanding marketing trends, using market research tools to help make sound strategy decisions, and writing a strategic marketing plan. There is also new information on how technology is impacting hospitality marketing.

Digital Marketing

RRP $461.99

Digital Marketing: Integrating Strategy and Tactics with Values is an easy-to-understand guidebook that draws on the latest digital tactics and strategic insights to help organizations generate sustainable growth through digital integration. It provides a roadmap to adopt a digital mindset, incorporate digital trends strategically, and integrate the most effective digital tactics and tools with core values to achieve competitive advantage.

Bringing the reader through its five-step Path to Digital Integration (Mindset, Model, Strategy, Implementation, and Sustainability),Digital Marketing seeks to

  • Outline the key drivers of change and leading digital marketing trends executives need to understand and incorporate to drive business opportunity.

  • Evaluate the digital channels and technologies management teams can leverage to execute a successful Integrated Digital Marketing strategy. This includes insight into the latest digital tactics (website, social, mobile, search, content, and email marketing; data analytics) and social tools (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google Plus).

  • Discover the impact of digital transformation on the organization, from the effect of digital tactics on the customer experience (CX) to the value of integrating internal digital strategies to facilitate collaboration and innovation.

  • Guide aspiring leaders on how to combine core values and business goals with progressive digital strategies, tactics, and tools to generate sustainable outcomes for all stakeholders.

This interactive guidebook provides a truly Connected Digital Experience (CDE): the Zappar augmented reality mobile app allows the reader to activate the"Discover More" and "Play Video" icons found throughout the book, instantly connecting the reader, via their mobile device, to additional content housed on our companion website,Digital Marketing Resource Center ( "Play Video"icons incorporate point-in-time video commenting solution Vusay to enable interactive social conversations around each video.

Digital Marketing is the ideal guide for aspiring leaders - executives, instructors, owners, entrepreneurs, managers, students - at all stages of digital literacy.

Digital Research Methods

RRP $467.99

Basic Marketing Research

RRP $415.99

Basic Marketing Research, 8e, International Edition is the best-selling introductory marketing research text because it is accessible to students while maintaining its level of coverage. Basic Marketing Research, International Edition provides a framework for the choices and decisions that must be made by managers - an important aspect of marketing research - because decisions made in one stage of the process have consequences for other stages. Managers and marketing researchers need to appreciate the interactions among the parts of the research process so they can have confidence in a particular research result. This edition provides readers with an overview of the information gathering function from the perspective of the researchers who gather the information and the marketing managers who use it.


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